About Us

Experiencing God, Building People

Meet Our Pastors

Pastor Rebecca is an ordained Assembly of God minister committed to ushering in the Kingdom of God, with the prayer that it would be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.  She has been married to husband, Tim, for 31 years, who is also a minister credentialed with the Assemblies of God. They are passionate about seeing lives transformed by the power of God and in building a thriving community of faith.

Jeff Noble, Church Board Member

Jeff is a faithful family man, business owner and leader at church and the Hub.  He has served in various ministries of the church, including leadership of our ushers and greeters and oversight of building maintenance.

Pio Gonzalez, Church Board Member

Pio is a devoted leader of his family and follower of God.  He is faithful to prayer and service to the congregation as an usher, and is often involved in many of the operations of the church and the Hub.

Per Jensen, Church Board Member

Per is a business owner in the community and a faithful servant of the church.  He is known for his care of family and ministry to the church and the Hub.  He is involved in ushering, teaching kids, and more.

Marci Nunez, Hub Board Member

Marci loves people with the heart of a Mother. She has made a career out of ministering to children on a daily basis, and brings a wealth of experience, love, and compassion as she ministers to the kids at the Hub.

Mirna Gonzalez, Hub Board Member

Mirna has been a servant of the Lord for years while investing in the lives of kids at the Hub, and their families, for several years.  She is faithful and diligent to serve with love in all she does.

Glen Hoyte, Hub Board Member

In addition to serving as a worship leader at church services, Glen is faithful in service with kids at the Hub.  He provides a valuable contribution as we work to bring further impact to the community.

Tina Kester, Church Secretary

Tina has served the church faithfully for over 7 years, and she is an enormous asset in assuring that the business needs of the church are met,  She provides a friendly and helpful contact point with the community.